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Worth Magazine

Senior Director of Marketing
Worth Magazine, The Worth Group, LLC
Worth is a media company that covers entrepreneurship, wealth management, philanthropy and lifestyle content for a high-net-worth audience.

Brand Pitch Deck
Case studies with McLaren and AIG Private Client Group

“McLaren is the undisputed world leader in high-performance automobiles. A company that has reigned over the luxury automotive space for over 50 years while defining excellence, precision and quality.”

“The AIG Private Client Group (PCG) is the gold standard for personal insurance products that address the increasingly complex risk management concerns of successful individuals and families – needs that eclipse the capabilities of mainstream providers.”

Worth Leading Advisors Marketing Video

Worth.com Redesign

Promoting the needs of high-net-worth wealth management and insurance firms

Worth Leading Advisors
Content produced for Sterling Investment Advisors. Quarterly videos produced for 18 different high net worth firms.

“I would like to provide you with some feedback on the video profile that your team prepared for me. I thought it was outstanding, and the numbers from my LinkedIn profile confirms it. I have had 1,500 views after posting it. Twice as many views as anything else that I have posted. Many “likes” and some fantastic comments. My favorite one was,

Your authenticity and integrity are your distinguishing qualities Tim. They come through loud and clear on the Worth video. I’m happy for your success. I love it when the good guys win!”

If I was asked before the video, what would l like the message to be, that quote is exactly what I would have requested. Peter made me look thinner, more coherent, confident, commanding respect and believable with their fine editing efforts.”

Thanks to all.
Timothy E. Flatley, President & CEO, Sterling Investment Advisors

Worth Destinations Franchise
Brand Video and Site Launch

Worth Sports Franchise Brand Video

Worth Power 100 Poker Invitational Brand Video

Human Longevity’s Health Nucleus Test
Brand marketing campaign produced for Human Longevity, Inc.
Human Longevity is a San Diego-based venture launched by Craig Venter and Peter Diamandis in 2013. Its goal is to build the world’s most comprehensive database on human genotypes and phenotypes, and then subject it to machine learning so that it can help develop new ways to fight diseases associated with aging. The company received US$80 million in investments in its Series A offering in summer 2014 and announced a further $220 million Series B investment offering in April 2016. It has made deals with drug companies Celgene and AstraZeneca to collaborate in its research.

Marc Kidd, CEO Captivate Network

Cal Simmons, Tiger 21

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